Fuller, more dramatic eyebrows.


What is 3D Microblading?

Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing that allows you to dramatically correct or fully reconstruct your eyebrow shape. It is performed by manually depositing color pigments beneath the surface of the skin using tiny, sterile, disposable needles creating very fine, crisp hair strokes that mimic real hair.

The procedure is ideal to fill in thin brows, define shape, create an arch, cover scars and gaps, or design a completely new brow shape.  Microblading allows clients with little to no hair the opportunity to fully reconstruct natural looking brows. Your certified microblading specialist will work with the natural landscape of your brow and face shape, creating the most beautiful, natural looking brow.

*Your solution to over tweezed, over waxed, sparse or thinning eyebrows
*Create a new brow shape
*3D hair strokes mimic the look of real hair
*Safe application

*Non-toxic color pigments

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